Author: Venkates Kvnr

BrahMos Missile

BrahMos missile is india’s proud.

BrahMos is one of the world’s fastest cruise missile (Mach 2.8-3), BrahMos II (Mach 7-8).

 Cruise missile means it can be driven to the target ,it will fly in the predetermined path. It needs engine power through the whole flight , We can program the path of the missile.

BrahMos missile is the joint project of India and Russia. The name was given by joining the Continue reading “BrahMos Missile”

Super Critical Airfoil

When an aircraft flies at subsonic speed (0 M to 0.8 M) the velocity of the air over the wing will be in the subsonic limit.

But an aircraft flies at transonic speed (0.8 M to 1.2 M) the velocity of the air over upper surface of the wing will reach supersonic speed (1.2 m to 5 m).

This supersonic speed will cause shock waves over the upper surface of the wing, the shock wave causes flow separation on the upper surface of the wing , This flow separation Continue reading “Super Critical Airfoil”