BrahMos Missile

BrahMos missile is india’s proud.

BrahMos is one of the world’s fastest cruise missile (Mach 2.8-3), BrahMos II (Mach 7-8).

 Cruise missile means it can be driven to the target ,it will fly in the predetermined path. It needs engine power through the whole flight , We can program the path of the missile.

BrahMos missile is the joint project of India and Russia. The name was given by joining the names of Indian river Brahmaputra and Russian river Moskva. The name also means the weapon from Hindu mythology Brahmasthiram.

BrahMos missile was manufacture by BrahMos Aerospace. A joint venture of India and Russia.


  • BrahMos Missile have two stage first stage have rocket motor powered by Solid propellant and the second stage is Liquid fueled Ramjet.
  • The range of the missile is 300 Km and it is being upgraded to 600 Km in BrahMos II.
  • It can go upto the highest height (service ceiling) of 14000 m and lowest height of 3 m.
  • It uses Inertial Navigational System for guidance with the help of IRNSS(NAVIC)/GLONASS/GPS/GAGAN satellite systems.
  • It has the accuracy of 1 m, that means it will struck somewhere around the 1 m radius of the target.
  • Missile weight 3000 Kg and warhead weight 200 Kg of conventional Armour piercing warhead or 300 Kg of nuclear warhead.
  • Length 8.4 m and diameter 0.6 m


  • Surface to surface – BranMos can be launched form a army vehicle (Mobile Autonomous Launchers) in the vertical or inclined position.T attack surface targets.
  • Submarine Launched – BrahMos is the first super sonic missile that can be launched from a submarine.
  • Air Launched – BrahMos also can be fitted with the fighter aircraft.


  • Extended range upto 600 Km
  • BrahMos II with scramjet engine for hypersonic speed.
  • BrahMos NG (Next Generation) small size that can be fitted in the submarine torpedo tube.

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